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If you’re looking for the owner of a phone number, type it into the box above to lookup the owner. This is called a “reverse phone lookup” which is similiair to caller ID on the web.

Generally speaking, you can find “white pages” information for free, but unlisted & cell phone lookups generally cost money.

Reverse White Pages & Free Searches
These free resources will help you find the information that you’re looking for. Plus they’re free!

– White Pages reverse search by phone number or by address.
– Anywho Reverse Directory
– 555-1212.Com
– InfoUSA   Offers reverse lookups
– Reverse Fax Number 
– Reverse Pay Phone Lookup      Search by area code
– Where did they move to?     Track someone who has moved, changed names, or email

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup & Unlisted Numbers
If you’re looking for a cell phone number, it’s generally more difficult to find the information you’re looking for. We recommend that you save time & use a paid application. Generally, these services cost less than $20, and will save you a lot of time & frustration.

– Reverse Cell Phones
– Lookup Unlisted Phones

Canadian Reverse Lookups
The rules associated with non US-phone lookups may differ from location to location. Please make sure that the area governing the numbers you’re looking for allow reverse phone lookups.

– Reverse People Search allows you to choose some or all of five different phone directories from Canada and the US. You can also do a reverse address search rom three directories.
– White Pages reverse search by phone number or by address.
for Canada
– Residential   Excellent page that allows you to search for someone by phone number or address
*Reverse residential Canada    From 555-1212.  Type in a phone number, get a name.  Look for the box in the bottom right, and don’t put any dashes or spaces between the area codes and numbers

UK & European Lookups
* For a fee, a reverse search via telephone numbers and street address
*France – Infobel
*France Telecom – Pages Blanches
* – Allows for reverse search in Switzerland by address or phone numbers
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